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Biederman Jewelers



About Us

After graduating from a Technical College in 1978 with a degree in watchmaking and jewelry fabrication Bill Biederman worked in a fine jewelry store under a master jeweler. During this time he became very active in his State and National watchmaking associations. Bill traveled on weekends as a seminar instructor for the American Watchmakers Institute teaching watch repair to the membership while serving as president for the Wisconsin Watchmakers Assc., and on to serve as President of the American Watchmakers Institute.

In 1985 Bill purchased a jewelry store in Sparta Wisconsin where he and his wife Lynn, operate the store today. Lynn has an incredible eye for decor and design. She is also very discriminating in jewelry purchasing, and fabricating. Bill and Lynn have a combined total of 55 years in goldsmithing. Besides carrying an exquisite line of fine jewelry we also design, restore and repair jewelry. Our customers can be assured that their purchases will have our professional care in a timely manner from within our shop.


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