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Monroe County Matters


Family, Community & Civic Organization

About Us

I'm Kate Rice, host of Monroe County Matters is a podcast with news and features about Monroe County, a bellwether county not just politically but culturally and economically. I was born and raised in Sparta, but moved to New York City, an international media capital. And guess what I kept seeing pop up in the headlines? Monroe County! A lot of what happens here is relevant to the nation.

Want to know how Monroe County is dealing with Covid 19? Tune in to Monroe County Matters.
How's Covid 19 affecting farmers?
What local business has been around for five generations and what is its secret:
Local Black Lives Matter demonstrations
What's happeining with summer sports programs?

Coming soon: an interview with Heidi Prestwood who is taking over the Chamber in a pandemic!
The state of policing today with Sparta Police Chief Emilee Nottestad
Kwik Trip and how it's been a leader in the close-to-the-source movement
Monroe County: a leader in alternative energy

You know what they say, you can take the hick out of the sticks, but you can't take the sticks out of the hick!


  • Local News
  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Energy
  • Human interest

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