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NECAL is leaner, faster, and less expensive than other adhesive manufacturers. You reap the savings and benefits with every order!

NECAL Adhesives have provided unique and innovative bonding solutions for a variety of automotive, appliance, and electronics applications. Products used virtually every day by everyone. Motorcycles, microwaves, computers, automobiles, appliances, and many more. If it is adhesively attached, NECAL has probably attached it!


Adhesive Coater Operator
Category: Manufacturing
For over fifty years, NECAL has built the capabilities and the processes to take on the stickiest challenges.  NECAL is a privately-owned made in the USA company specializing in acrylic solvent-based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA).  With quick lead times, versatile development processes and amazing communication, our team will help you succeed.  Over the years NECAL adhesives have provided more
Contact: Wil Calkins
Phone:(608) 269-3000
Fax:(608) 269-3099

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